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Who we are?

texlyweave woven vinyl flooring is uniquely textured offers a  feel and look like a natural plant fibre flooring. our woven vinyl fabric can be extendedly used as wall to wall floor covering,floor mats ,wallcovering and a various of placemats. we are the leading manufacturer and exporter on woven vinyl flooring in China.All our woven vinyl flooring products are tested and suitable for public environment applications. The intricately woven natural-like design appeals you to touch it, and it is elegant gene make it possible for luxurious and individual demand. 
What do we care?
We have successfully developed the needed technology and know-how to reach  its present leadership position. We count with a qualified technical team that analyses all quality parameters of fabrics in order to develop the best solutions according to market needs and in order to anticipate events.

What can we help?
After years of efforts,We developed our products in the wake of the international standards and trends, our product quality continued imporving and market has been gradually expanded. Our brand has been recognized in the international and domestic market, so far we have more than hundreds of projects every year, across different high-grade and lively places, our flooring can satisfy customer as the different needs. Last year we established a new brand "WISE" and exclusively distributed the flooring with this brand in Europe, this is to make the service in European market with local, quick and professional.At the mean time, we signed many sole agent agreements with different regions or agreed distribution servcie to other places as well, the reward of all above was we achieve a lot of valuable suggestions, our international team will keep expanding in flooring in the future, we will make texlyweaveTM and texlymatTM a good and un-neglected choice to the customer..
texlyweave®-The innovative woven vinyl floor, wall to wall floor and wallcovering.
texlymat®-luxurious yet low-maintenance materials used in this ultra-stylish floor mats and placemats offering exceptional design and performance.

What do we sell?
You can either contact our sophisticated saleman now or log on our online B2B website for more catalogue.
Why do you think i am reliable?
Most of products have passed test of  woven vinyl flooring specs at standard EN15114 as well as FR test.